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If I spot a girl I like, I only look for 1 IOI.

Is she breathing? Yes? Perfect, that’s the IOI I’m looking for. Time to go talk to her.

When you have social game IOIs don’t matter because you have the skills to create something out of nothing.

Young Hunter
This applies to more than just game. It seems like everyone is just waiting for “something” to do anything they claim to want to do. Fear and complacency.

excellent addition, YH. boldness and overcoming fear, that’s my new theme.

3rd Millenium Men
I agree in the real world, you don’t wait for an invitation to approach.

BUT in nightclubs, a virtual reality apart from the real world, IOIs or whatever you want to call them can play into your favour. Of course you can go up and talk to girls out of the blue, but having a powerful first impression and strong eye contact before anything is said between you is very powerful.

If a girl looks at me and smiles or comes and dances next to me as in this pickup: http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/field-report-amazonian/
Then it’s an open invitation for me to talk/dance with them. The environments are BUILT for meeting people and hooking up. If they show that interest, It’s mine to screw up. And hanging near someone they find attractive can often be done subconsciously.

A couple of years ago I was in a club with three friends (all female). I made eye contact with a girl on the dance floor, she held it, I waved and she smiled. I took that as an open invitation and I went across to her.