Présentation : For these reasons, me and most other men (including men I’ve known whom I would term alpha) would regard people like Mystery and Roissy as omegas. There’s something truly vomit-inducing about men who reshape their entire personalities around pussy. I would rather go back and unhave all the sex I’ve ever had (insert joke here) than be like these guys.

The bigger problem is this: In evolutionary history, for very good reasons, human males have evolved irrational overconfidence. Women confer alpha status on men with irrational overconfidence.

However, in a more complex modern society, irrational overconfidence leads to bad decisions. We live in a probabilistic world, so men who are both more cognitively gifted and NOT irrationally overconfident make the better leaders. However, women are not evolutionarily hardwired to like these men.

In addition, many cultures (the ones I like with low PDI – that one’s for you, Sofie), for good reason, discourage much of this “game” behavior as boastful. Many healthy males, especially males fit to lead in a complex society, find much of this behavior distasteful. There might be room for these men to turn the “game” dial up a bit, but how much do you want to ask your best men to change into (even slightly) lesser men for the sake on poon.

There’s probably some equilibrium. Sex is a need, and we want the perfect man to be a little less perfect if it keeps him stable, and if it means we get more men like him.
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