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11. Have bad body language. Slump, look around nervously, touch your face a lot.
12. Be really boring. Just simply have nothing interesting to talk about. When a girl asks what you do (unlikely you’ll ever get to that stage but still) tell her you sit behind a desk, on a computer all day.
13. Refuse to learn game. That’s only for men who manipulate and are mean to women. Remember that game doesn’t work: http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/game-doesnt-work/
14. Be a nice guy. Allow yourself to be walked all over by women. Remember, being their friend is far greater than being a potential romantic interest.

i gotta practice rolling solo.

Yes, you do. A large part of your personal challenges is being comfortable and confident in yourself, much like many.

exactly. being uncomfortable rolling solo at bars or clubs betrays an inner shame that i have not overcome yet.

I have always preferred solo. My friends just weigh me down with thier whining and sniveling and bullshit.

Look, rolling solo is good, don’t stop doing it but for god’s sakes man, get some better friends.