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Well, I’m not ugly but I’ve been given to bouts of INTENSE jealousy when I was younger. I’ve mellowed with age but DAMN, I remember raging with possessive fury – and then I’d hate myself later for it.

Jealousy is one of the worst emotions ever – if not THE worst.

I also used to like to make my man jealous. It won’t piss me off when he wouldn’t get jealous. Some men are jealous and some men are just naturally non-jealous. It was always hit or miss.

But they’d usually get jealous over the most ridiculous, innocent stuff and the serious stuff that they SHOULD have gotten jealous over – they didn’t. I could never figure out there patterns.

No, no you never ever:

1. Show any jealousy toward other women because you need to always remember that you’re better then her and *slightly* too good for him.

2. You should never lower yourself to “competing” for a man. You’re either the one and only or he needs to move on

I don’t get jealous, anyhow because I don’t really have a reason to be. I haven’t been cheated on, so there is no reason to ‘keep an eye” on a man.

If he is flirting, staring, or hitting on other women, he’s not worth the time. He’s a sleaze then.

And I cannot stand any jealousy in men. Its totally unattractive.

I have all male coworkers and all male friends except for an occasional female friend (rare) so any guy I date has to be fine with me hanging out with other guys, chit-chatting, texting, and being around men all day at work.